(FBC 6) The most natural thing on earth

The “earth” episode of cooked shows viewers how fermentation is an important part of foods we eat everyday. The episode strives to show that the “germiphobia” we have as a society can be misplaced at times.

The entire episode just brought to life something I never took the time to think about. Fermentation is such a beautiful natural process. It can be what I would call “gross” at times but the products of fermentation are some of the best in the world. I never knew that chocolate was a product of fermentation. It is made from rotting fruit seeds. The episode brought up kimchi a lot. Funny enough I had kimchi for the first time a few months ago in Cincinnati at an authentic Korean restaurant called Sung Korean Bistro. It was some of the most flavorful food I have ever had. They served it as an appetizer and I actually ended up ordering more because it was so delicious. The flavor was unique and I had no idea how they made kimchi until this show. Who knew fermented cabbage could be so tasty.

This is a picture that shows kimchi similar to what I ate at Sung Korean Bistro. G, Sophie. Kimchi. Digital image. Bingchef. Bing Chef, 22 July 2009. Web. 3 May 2017. <http://www.bingchef.com/node/32&gt;.


The “big idea” of the show was, I think, to show how cooking is natural and we as humans need to come back to our cooking roots. This show really shows me why and how cooking your own food is so natural. There is nothing hard or strange about it. Cooking and eating is the only way to live and nourish your body. Every time I watch an episode of this show I get so inspired to just go into my kitchen  and cook. It’s like learning about how these simple ways of looking at food change my perspective so quickly. Honestly before this show I hardly cooked. It was rare if I made food at home and looking back at it I know that’s not a good thing. After watching these episodes it has truly inspired me to get in the kitchen more. I have started meal prepping a few meals a week on Sunday nights and I find myself really enjoying it. I spend time doing the most natural thing….cooking. Just this week I made baked chicken with brussel sprouts. It was so simple but so satisfying.

Cooking is what makes us human. It’s beautiful and natural and as a society we all need to return to the kitchen.