(FBC 4) No me gustan las margaritas

Well, if the title of the blog doesn’t give it away this post is all about my dislike for margaritas. I just turned 21 five months ago so as far as alcoholic beverages goes I’m still pretty new to the scene. I know it sounds crazy that a college student is “new” to drinking but believe it or not it’s true.

When I read that my professor wanted me to take a food trip I couldn’t decide what or where to go. I wasn’t traveling for spring break and I couldn’t think of a new food to try that I was completely unfamiliar with, then one day it hit me “I have never  had one of the most commonly ordered alcoholic drinks…the margarita.” It was the perfect option because it was easily accessible and I got to find out what all the margarita hype was about.

With this food trip in mind five of my friends and I piled in my corolla and set off on our margarita adventure. We settled on a restaurant that all of my friends swore had the best margaritas. We got our menus and placed our drink order. My margarita of choice? A frozen lime margarita with a strawberry swirl. When the waiter sat it down in front of me it was much bigger than I expected. I mean the glass was almost the size of my face! The frozen liquid inside did look delicious and I couldn’t wait to try it. My friends documented the process of my first drink….

File_000 (2)
Laughing before the first drink…
File_001 (2)
Taking the first drink…
File_002 (1)
After the drink.

Soooooooo apparently Tequila is just not a thing I enjoy….at all. This margarita must have been like 90% Tequila, 8% Lime, and 1% Strawberry. It was just not for me if you couldn’t tell by my face in the third picture. I don’t understand bow people can drink these because just he thought of tasting tequila again makes me want to cringe.

Although I didn’t like my first margarita the trip to try it was fun. We only went up the street but we made jokes and shared quality time with each other. In the end food is supposed bring people together and that’s what this trip did for me.


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