Cooked…A new perspective?

Cooked. Digital image. Netflix, n.d. Web. .

I highly recommend this Netflix documentary titled “Cooked.” It tells a story all about food from a very interesting perspective. It takes people from all walks of life and shows you how everyone see’s cooking. The series does an amazing job highlighting how food differs from culture to culture and from person to person. However what really spoke to me was how it really highlights how important food is to everyone. No matter how different we all seem we do have this in common.

My main goal of this entire blog is showcase how food brings us all together. It is a unifying factor for everyone and that is what makes it so amazing. This series shows how food is prepared across all cultures. It helps the viewer make connections to others they hadn’t thought about before and introduces you to some cool new ways of thinking.

I attached the trailer for the show.



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