(FBC2) Food is not Black and White


Aebleskiver with Muikko is a dish served at Noma. It was also featured on the “Copenhagen” episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. ____________  Palling, Bruce. Aebleskiver with muikko from Noma. Digital image. Financial Review. Fairfax Media, 21 Dec. 2015. Web. 22 Feb. 2017. <http://www.afr.com/lifestyle/food-and-wine/the-worlds-most-expensive-restaurants-20151221-glsomv&gt;.


When I was tasked with watching an episode of “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” for my foodways class I really had no idea what to expect. I knew Bourdain was a chef so I expected it to be centered around food but other than that I was clueless. The episode I watched was  titled “Copenhagen.” The episode centered around one man ,a chef, and his restaurant. To be more specific, a chef that runs the Best Restaurant in the World. Bourdain was interested in him because of the way he saw and created his food dishes. The chef would go out to the beaches in Denmark or to a local farm and gather up fresh ingredients that one might not think to harvest. He would harvest moss and flowers and succulents for the dishes he would create back at his restaurant. The chef has a mind “without borders” if you will. Where some see right and wrong he saw endless possibilities. For example in one of the interviews the chef said he overcooked a part of a dish and burned it. Instead of throwing it out he burnt it even more, added a layer of something on top and created a whole new dish out of a mistake. The innovation and open minded ideas are what drew Bourdain in and I can see why.

As a culture I think a lot of times we see in black and white, especially when it comes to cooking. We have a recipe we follow and we don’t stray from it because we think that will produce the best results for our dish. The thing about cooking is that someone broke the rules once to make the food we have now. Food is fun and it’s a creative outlet for new ideas and innovations. It’s made to be changed and challenged. It’s a place to make something all your own that you can choose to share with others.

The culture that surrounded the danish chef was much different than he was. In Denmark the culture of the people is simple. You enjoy life and you share what you have but you don’t try to go above and beyond and you stay humble and simple. This chef is going against the current by going above and beyond with his way of thought when it comes to food. He doesn’t follow these cultural rules that others had set for him. People like him are changing the culture around him to be more open all through something as simple as food. The entire purpose of this blog was to show how food connects you to cultures, ideas, beliefs, and people you never thought you would have. This one episode shows how a new way of thinking can be pushed forward with a small idea: food.


(FBC1) My Personal Food Mantra

I am a big foodie. I love to just go big or go home when it comes to food. That just means that if I’m eating I want to eat the best tasting most indulgent food around. That way of thinking gets me in trouble sometimes because indulgent food isn’t always the healthiest food.

In 2016 I decided to try and eat better. I made the decision to cut back on carbs when I could because many of my daily meals were nothing but a pile of carbohydrates. I thought my new way of eating would be bland and gross but I was very wrong. By doing this I discovered my love for fresh ingredients. One of my favorite fresh “carb friendly” meals is tacos with lettuce leaf shells. It sounds simple, and it is, but the flavor is just great. I could taste all the individual ingredients but they all blended together so well. The avocado blended with the tomato and the onion complimented the cilantro; the whole meal was life changing to say the least.

These “low carb” tacos had me on cloud 9!

The “fewer carbs” experience made me more adventurous with my food choices because I realized I was a BIG vegetable lover! I no longer hid from strange dishes because of their ingredients. Now, during the summer, you can find me at the farmers market every Saturday morning with a recipe in hand shopping for fresh ingredients.

I can’t touch on my favorite low carb dish without sharing what my favorite high calorie dish was. My favorite indulgent meal of 2016 was my trip to Ruth Chris steak house for my birthday. It was the first time I had ever been anywhere that was classified as fine dining and I was so intimidated but impressed. The steak was like butter! I could cut it with my fork and it just melted in my mouth. I’m sure that had something to do with the fact that it was covered in butter but it was so worth it. I also had brussel sprouts with garlic and rosemary that were to die for and for desert raspberry sorbet, key lime cheesecake and dark chocolate bark with pecans. I’m sure I took in double my daily calorie limit but that’s what cheat days are for, right?

Dessert at Ruth Chris Steak House also put me on cloud 9.

Anyway, food is just a big part of my life. From the indulgent to the healthy I love them all!

I suppose my personal food mantra would be “go indulgent or go home…but only on cheat days.”

Cooked…A new perspective?

Cooked. Digital image. Motherjones.com. Netflix, n.d. Web. .

I highly recommend this Netflix documentary titled “Cooked.” It tells a story all about food from a very interesting perspective. It takes people from all walks of life and shows you how everyone see’s cooking. The series does an amazing job highlighting how food differs from culture to culture and from person to person. However what really spoke to me was how it really highlights how important food is to everyone. No matter how different we all seem we do have this in common.

My main goal of this entire blog is showcase how food brings us all together. It is a unifying factor for everyone and that is what makes it so amazing. This series shows how food is prepared across all cultures. It helps the viewer make connections to others they hadn’t thought about before and introduces you to some cool new ways of thinking.

I attached the trailer for the show.